Flight Murder Mystery Game

  • €32,50 per person (incl. 21% VAT) game and English speaking game-host included (15 participants or more for locations in The Netherlands and 25 for locations in Belgium);
  • €19,95 per person (incl. 21% VAT) when you choose to play the game with the help of our e-presentation and without a game-host (ideal for smaller groups);
  • The prices for food & beverage are not included and vary by restaurant;
  • Flight Murder is the translated version of Moordvlucht Moordspel
  • English spoken, suitable for international groups;
  • This game can be played with 8 up to 250 players;
  • Act out your own humorous Murder Mystery at the table;
  • Combined with a dinner, lunch or high tea;
  • Time duration 3 to 3,5 hours;
  • Cast your guests for the parts yourself;
  • Invite your guests with a special invitation that includes detailed descriptions of all characters;
  • Players can dress accordingly;
  • Separate room for your party exclusively;
  • Selected locations/restaurants throughout The Netherlands and Belgium;
  • Flight Murder can also be played in a restaurant of your own choice.


About 3 - 3,5 hours


Flight Murder Mystery Game

‘Flight Murder’ is definitely Europe’s most fun English spoken Murder Mystery Game. A surprisingly fresh ánd affordable way to make a big success out of your company outing, bachelor party or family day. Step into the shoes of one of the excentric characters and try to solve not one, but two murders at high altitude. Exciting, interactive and hilarious. While playing, enjoy a lovely dinner, lunch or high tea.

Murder mystery at a high level!

Mile High Airlines flight 7700 is headed for Sydney. Among the passengers are German Schlager singer Rudi Nachbar, Portuguese soccer player Diego Armando, pop diva Lady Blah Blah, jaded porn star Lola Luxembourg and the very senior citizen Miss Marbles. About an hour after take-off captain Dick van Bill suddenly becomes unwell and dies on the spot! On board happens to be Inspector Hector Lector. He recognizes the symptoms of poisoning and starts a murder investigation. ‘Before touch down, I’ll have the killer!’ he promises. But shortly after this statement, Inspector Lector also dies of poisoning. A double murder on board of the plane! In the hope of solving this mystery, detective novelist Miss Marbles starts interrogating all passengers. You won’t believe what surfaces next!

Submerge yourself in this hilarious murder mystery with your colleagues, friends or family and enjoy a unique gathering in higher atmospheres!

Also in combination with lunch or High Tea

Flight Murder Mystery Game comes normaly in combination with a dinner. The game can however also be played in the afternoon. In that case you can choose for a lunch or High Tea.