Murder Mystery Game The Uninvited Guest

  • €32,50 per person (incl. 21% VAT) when guided by game-host. 
  • €19,95 per person (incl. 21% VAT) when self guided using an online e-presentation.
  • The prices for food & beverage are not included and vary by restaurant.
  • English spoken.
  • From 8 to 250 players.
  • Acted out by the players, not by actors.
  • Combined with a dinner or lunch.
  • Time duration from 3 to 3,5 hours.
  • Role casting in advance possible.
  • Invite your guests with a special invitation.
  • Players can dress up in style.
  • A dedicated room for your group in our affiliated restaurants.
  • Selected restaurants and hotels throughout The Netherlands and Belgium;
  • Can also be booked in a venue of your own choice.
  • For adult groups, minimum recommended age is 16 years.
About 3 - 3,5 hours


Murder Mystery Game The Uninvited Guest

Great for English-speaking groups. With guidance from a game host or via online e-presentation. Perfect for smaller groups or those on tighter budgets.

Murder Mystery Game "The Uninvited Guest" offers an exciting blend of entertainment and challenges, making it ideal for company outings, bachelor parties, or family gatherings. Furthermore, it is surprisingly budget-friendly and suitable for different group sizes. Available at various affiliated restaurants across Belgium and the Netherlands.

A High Class Murder Mystery Game

This comedic murder mystery is based on the posh entourage of media tycoon John Donkervoort. During his sixtieth birthday, housekeeper Auntie Jo barges in uninvited and drunk. She is furious and threatens to reveal family secrets to the media. An hour later she is dead. Which of the ten striking characters is the murderer? Take on the role of one of the suspects and try to unmask the murderer. Or maybe that's you!

Clever murder game format

In Murder Mystery Game “The Uninvited Guest” the participants “act” themselves under the guidance of a game host or using an online e-presentation. The script comes as a cleverly designed game booklet for each player, along with a thrilling audio script. If you're lucky, a few characters may even conclude the game with a sensational musical performance. This promises to be the ultimate choice for your next corporate outing, bachelor partie, or family gathering!

("The Uninvited Guest" is "acted" by the participants themselves, not by actors. Each player receives a script booklet and the game host or the online e-presentation guides the game.)

Dressing up

With a special invitation you can select a character for all your guests and send it to them in advance. The participants can dress up in their character's style if desired. This isn't obligatory, but it does give the murder mystery game an extra dimension. You will also receive a document explaining the exact format and rules of the game.


Murder Mystery Game “The Uninvited Guest” also includes a culinary component. All affiliated restaurants offer a dinner or lunch in combination with the game. Eating and playing rounds are alternated. In case of a self booked location, you must arrange the food and drinks yourself.

Check availability and making a reservation

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